What's Next for OmniSketch

OmniSketch 1.1 has been out for a few days and is doing very well. It’s reached #13 on the Top Charts in the Entertainment Category!

I want to make this the best App it can be and you, the users, can help. I’d like your opinions on the features to add for the next release.

Here is my list of possible features taken from my own idea list and user suggestions:

-Facebook Connect - lets you post your creations to your Facebook wall. This is almost complete and will be in the next version.

-Twitter - lets you tweet you creations.

-Better color selection - Save colors, red, green, blue sliders, etc.

-Eye dropper tool to set the color from your drawing

-Import pictures from your photo library and draw on top of them

-Layers - multiple drawing layers

-More awesome brushes!

-Paint bucket like fill tool

-Blend modes - lighten, darken, burn, dodge, etc.


-Support for iPhone/iPod Touch

I can’t promise all of these features for the next release but I’d like your input on what you’d like to see next. Please post what you’d like to see next as a comment or email support@omnisketch.com. New suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for supporting OmniSketch!

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