OmniSketch 1.3 has been Released

Version 1.3 of OmniSketch has been released by Apple. This is a bug fix release that includes a fix to the Twitter post text, a fix with the Clear blend mode and also you will now be prompted to confirm deleting a sketch from the gallery.

This release also adds the ability to turn the toolbar Auto Hide feature off.

Also I wanted to mention something about Facebook, Twitter and the security of your online accounts. OmniSketch uses OAuth authentication in order to post on both Facebook and Twitter. What this means is that when you are prompted for your Facebook or Twitter password the OmniSketch App isn’t actually getting that information. OmniSketch displays a Facebook or Twitter web page and you provide your username and password to Facebook or Twitter and they provide OmniSketch with a “key” that allows it to post on your behalf. The OmniSketch App never has direct access to those accounts and you can revoke access to OmniSketch any time you want.

Also, OmniSketch will never make posts to Facebook or Twitter without you knowing about it.

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