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There are lots of people around the world using OmniSketch to create art. I search the web often to see how OmniSketch is being used and I’m always amazed at what I find! This now “Around the Web” category will preview the web pages I find. If you have or see a blog, forum post, flikr post or anything else featuring work done with OmniSketch please email it to

I have been exploring different ways to be creative and have really been enjoying the Omnisketch app for my iPad. Using the mirror technique plus the many colors, it is kind of therapeutic. I enjoy the different brushes and how they kind if shade in themselves.

There’s nothing like finger painting and the iPad along with OmniSketchcan turn anyone into an artist. OmniSketch turns the iPad into an artist’s easel for anything from quick sketches to detailed art projects. On top of a variety of 18 brush types and the ability to mirror your work to create hypnotic symmetrical pieces, OmniSketch has a digital eraser. The software can store a virtually unlimited number of art projects in its gallery so that many classes can use the same iPads. Best yet, it costs $1.99.

I "painted" (drew?) this on my iPad in Omnisketch at the doctor's yesterday--I had an interminable wait--read some, played on the iPad some. It was for the Monday Artday challenge, "Wicked."

I started this on Sunday, played with it some more today. I realize it is very primitive. I used my club-like finger, but it was fun, anyway. Done of OmniSketch on iPad. Sent from my iPad

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