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Sketch of the Day lovely by debjo53


Sketch of the Day January 16th by Neil w

Its been way to long since we had a Sketch of the Day!


Sketch of the Day October 15th by Tatjana K

SOTD October 15th

Version 1.7 Issues

I’m aware of the issues with version 1.7 and submitted and update to Apple that day after it was release. Apple refused my request to expedite the review process. So I am at the mercy of Apple to review and approve the fix.

I’m very sorry about the issues version 1.7 has caused.

Sketch of the Day October 11th by Wen of Zen

SOTD October 11th

OmniSketch half price as part of App Store promotion

OmniSketch will be half price for a Limited Time as part of the Apple App Store’s Explore Your Creativity promotion.

OmniSketch on iTunes
Explore Your Creativity


Sketch of the Day October 9th by elizabethnagel

SOTD October 9th

Sketch of the Day October 8th by elizabethnagel

SOTD October 8th

Sketch of the Day October 7th by Carlos

SOTD October 7th