Mixed Reviews for OmniSketch Toolbar Auto Hide Feature

I’ve been receiving mixed reviews for the toolbar auto hide feature added in version 1.2 This feature automatically hides the toolbar when you start drawing and shows it again when you remove your finger from the iPad screen. Some people love it and others hate it.

I’ve submitted a new version to Apple for review that allows you to turn the auto hide feature on or off. I’ve also added a confirmation dialog when deleting a picture to prevent you from accidentally deleting your work.

It will most likely take about a week for this update to get through Apple’s review process. So look for it early next week.

Press Release: OmniSketch 1.2 Makes Creating and Sharing Pictures Easy On Your iPad

Olathe, Kansas – Independent developer Richard Taylor today announces OmniSketch 1.2, the next release his procedural drawing tool developed specifically for the iPad device. Drawing on your iPad has never been easier. OmniSketch allows you to create dazzling and dynamic full color creations. Easily share your creations with friends and family using the OmniSketch Online Gallery, by posting them to your Facebook Wall or by Tweeting them on Twitter.

PadGadget.com says:
“Now you might be reading this thinking, “There are already a large number of really good painting and drawing tools so what does OmniSketch bring to the game?” Instead of standard brushes and pencils, OmniSketch’s brushes use mathematical algorithms to draw patterns which interact with previously drawn lines to produce a cool sketch with detailed effects.”

“One of the coolest OmniSketch features is its mirrored drawing mode. You can opt to have your strokes mirrored across your iPad’s screen (top and bottom, left and right or both options) to produce really stunning designs.”

iTunes App Store Customer Reviews:
airmouse1221223 said, “What I think is really cool though is that they have mastered a sort of pressure sensitivity effect without the ipad having pressure sensitivity. The faster you go, the bigger the pattern. Brilliant!”

Keywiz said, “Great art fun on the Ipad. Different then the other art programs I’ve tried with a unique feel to it. If you enjoy doing art on the Ipad you are gonna want this!”, on Jun 12, 2010.

Thenight said, “Amazing art program. You never know what master piece you will create this time!”, on Jun 14, 2010.

OmniSketch 1.2 adds 6 amazing new procedural brushes, Facebook and Twitter integration, the ability to draw with up to 3 fingers at the same time and Blend Modes. Blend modes allow you to change the way colors blend together when drawn on top of each other.

Unlock your inner artist with one of the best drawing tools available for the Apple iPad. With OmniSketch, store a nearly unlimited number of pictures in your local gallery and show them off to your friends and family with the slide show feature. Show off your creations to the world by submitting them to the online photo gallery, posting them on your Facebook Wall or Tweeting them with Twitter. Mirrored drawing modes allow you to create beautiful symmetrical and even kaleidoscopic paintings.

Full List of Features:
* 24 amazing brushes draw shapes and patterns automatically
* Blend Modes (Lighten, Darken, Color Dodge, Color Burn, etc)
* Draw with up to 3 fingers at the same time
* Intuitive user interface
* Mirrored Drawing – Vertical, Horizontal and Kaleidoscope mode
* Eraser plus the Clear Blend Mode allows you to use any brush as an eraser
* Line width adjustment
* Opacity adjustment
* Brush custom adjustments
* Full color support with an intuitive color picker
* Selectable background color
* Gallery allows you to view, add, edit, delete and export your artwork
* Built in slide show feature lets you show off your creations
* Full undo/redo
* Draw in portrait or landscape mode
* Online gallery lets you share your pictures with friends, family and the world
* Post your artwork to your Facebook Wall
* Post your artwork to Twitter

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
OmniSketch 1.2 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Members of the media please contact Richard Taylor to obtain a promotional coupon code for a free copy of OmniSketch for review.

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Richard Taylor is a software engineer with 20 years of software development experience. Richard plunged into iPhone development during the first iPhone SDK beta and has been plugging away with the iPhone SDK ever since. Quality iPhone/iPad Apps and happy customers are his ultimate goal. Copyright (C) 2010 Richard Taylor. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

New OmniSketch Help Page

I’ve added a Help page for OmniSketch. This page gives basic information on using the App and describes the function of each of the toolbar icons in both the Gallery view and the Canvas view.


Great New OmniSketch Art

Click the images to see the full image.

by DanaK

by Holly

by Ben moschel

by Rein5

by Sharyi Hanson

by Oscar needleman

by Holly

by Sharyi Hanson

by Babykitty

Check out the full OmniSketch Online Gallery.

PadGadget is running a contest to win a free copy of OmniSketch

Enter PadGaget.com‘s contest to win a free copy of OmniSketch. All you have to do is tweet a message to be entered into the contest!

Click here for the contest page.

OmniSketch is ON SALE for a Limited Time

OmniSketch will be on sale for a short time for 99 cents! Get it while it’s cheap!

Version 1.2 was submitted to Apple for review last week. It usually takes a week to get through the review process. It may take longer this time with all of the iOS4 updates.

More great OmniSketch Artwork

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by Aaron_long

by Arnetta

by RTC

by Rein5

by Aaron_long

by Melissa_M

by Rein5

by DanaK

by Stressure

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OmniSketch Version 1.2 Submitted

I’ve submitted version 1.2 of OmniSketch to Apple for review. If all goes well it should be released in about a week.

This new version contains 6 new brushes and some other really cool features that will allow you to create even more awesome artwork with OmniSketch on your iPad!

You’ll also be able to share your pictures with your friends on both Facebook and Twitter.

Awesome OmniSketch Art Work

Click the images to see the full image.

by Mary taitt

by Eileen j Adamson

by Brett spivey

by Rein5

by HiHigh

by Rein5

by Rein5

by Lauren V

by Rein5

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OmniSketch is the #5 Most Popular iPad Entertainment App

Out of 700+ Entertainment Apps for the iPad OmniSketch is now the 5th most popular! I’d like to thank everyone who’s purchased the App. It really encourages and me to add more awesome features to OmniSketch.

I’ll be submitting the next release in the next few days. It will include more brushes and some really cool new features. Keep on the lookout for the update.

Lets get this App to #1!