OmniSketch Video

I’m working on a series of YouTube videos to show off what the OmniSketch iPad App can do.

This first one is just a simple landscape drawing.

Keep in mind that these videos are using the new version of OmniSketch that was submitted to Apple last week and isn’t on the App Store yet.

More will be available on the Video page soon.

OmniSketch 1.2 Submitted to the App Store

I had to go with version 1.2 instead of the 1.1 that I intended. Apparently Apple sees version 1.01 as the same as 1.1 so I had to bump it to 1.2.

This new version has lots of new features including 14 new brushes, the online gallery and more.

Look for it on the App Store in a week or so.

OmniSketch Online Gallery

Version 1.1 of OmniSketch will include the ability to upload pictures to the OmniSketch Online Gallery. In preparation for this new feature the Gallery is now Open!

OmniSketch 1.1 will include a ton of new features in addition to the Gallery. It will also have 14 additional brushes!

Version 1.1 will be submitted to App for review very soon!

P.S. You’re also getting a preview of the new OmniSketch App Icon!

OmniSketch version 1.01 Approved

After over a week version 1.01 of OmniSketch has been approved. The updated version should be available for download or update within 24 hours.

This is a bug fix version and doesn’t contain any new features. I HIGHLY recommend that you update to this version.

I’ll be submitting version 1.1 to Apple for review very soon. This version is loaded with new features including 14 brand new brushes that will amaze you!

OmniSketch version 1.01 Submitted

I’ve submitted version 1.01 of OmniSketch to Apple. Hopefully they’ll get it reviewed and approved in the next couple days.

This fixes the major bug mentioned in the last post. On version 1.0 if you delete the “OmniSketch” image that is displayed the first time you run the application you will loose all of your pictures and will not be able to save new pictures.

Version 1.1 is in the works and will add lots of new brushes!

Bug Warning

DO NOT delete the “OmniSketch” image that is installed with the application. Doing so will cause you not to be able to save images.

If you have already deleted the “OmniSketch” image please delete and re-install the app.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This problem will be resolved as soon as I can get an update out.

OmniSketch is on Sale!

OmniSketch is now on sale for 99 cents! Take advantage of this special low price now!

OmniSketch is now Available

I’m pleased to announce that OmniSketch is now available on the iTunes App Store!

You can get it here.

OmniSketch Resubmitted on Wednesday

I submitted OmniSketch to Apple on Monday. It went to “In Review” status about an hour later and sat there until Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon it was rejected because I had used the “Compose” bar button icon for editing Sketches. I had also used the Action Icon without presenting an action sheet.

I fixed the icons and resubmitted Wednesday evening. The app immediately went to “In Review” status and it remains in that status. I’m hoping OmniSketch gets approved tomorrow for the weekend.

Crossing my fingers!

OmniSketch Screenshots

Here’s a shot of the image gallery:

You can see the color palette here:

Here’s a shot of the brush controls:

And here’s a random sketch that I did: